Q: Are you willing to travel?

A: I offer sessions in my surrounding area (North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina). If you would like for me to go any farther than that, contact me for more information missaricanes@gmail.com.

Q: Can I have my sessions at home?

A: No, even if I come to your city, we will have the session at a location that I choose.

Q: Do you have sessions in dungeons?

A: No, I only offer sessions in a domestic environment (a high quality hotel or a home that I rent temporarily)

Q: Do you offer couples sessions?

A: Yes, I offer sessions to couples that are wanting to be spanked together. And also to couples that would like to be introduced and/or trained in domestic discipline (a tutorial if you will).

Q: Can I purchase your used panties/socks/hosiery/bra’s?

A: Even if I did sell these items, I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Q: Are you discrete?

A: Very. Your privacy is important to me. I do not share your contact information with anyone. I will not ask for your address, employment info, ID # etc. And I absolutely do not talk to anyone about what happens during our sessions without your permission.

Q: Can I see a picture of your face?

A: No. I will not request a photograph of your face and you cannot request one of mine.

Q: Do you do OTK and/or barehand?

A: Yes I do OTK spankings regularly. If you think you are too tall to go over my knee, trust me. You are not. I spank with my barehand either as the full session or as a warm up before implements.

Q: Do you have a safe word?

A: No. I do not use safe words. Our sessions will be safe, sane, and consensual; negotiated before hand. However, I give real spanking experiences and if I allow you to have control over the session, it wouldn’t be a real spanking, would it?

Q: Do you allow sessions to be recorded?

A: No. I always offer to take post session pictures of my clients if they wish but I do not allow sessions to be recorded in any way.

Q: Can I tell you what to wear to sessions?

A: No. You can make a polite suggestion, but ultimately, I wear what I want. I’m always in hosiery of one sort or another and usually in heels. I alternate between pants and skirts but it is always business casual in the way of teacher/attractive librarian.

Q: Can I give you gifts?

A: I do accept gifts, however, giving me gifts will not get you any special treatment, discount on services or extra time on sessions. You giving me gifts is simply because you think I am awesome (and I am). I accept monetary tribute through my PayPal link paypal.me/HolisticDiscipline . I accept physical gifts such as hosiery or spanking implements in person at sessions ONLY. I do not give out mailing addresses for gifts.